Traditional costumes of the Chinese ethnic minority Dong

The Dong minority is to be found in the South of China, in the southern parts of Guizhou province and in the northern part of Guangxi province to be precise. The Dong are famous for their wood constructions, especially for their "wind and rain bridges" and drum towers. The Dong live in harmony with their environment: whenever a tree is cut down for construction, a new one will be planted so it can be used by the next generation.

The wind and rain bridges are more social meeting point then bridge. Often decorated with buddhist carvings and pictures, these bridges are usually built without a single nail and the Dong are very proud of them. Furthermore, in each village one can find at least one drum tower, which serves the purpose of alerting the villagers in case of fire or attack.

The men often wear a black turban with a black and white scarf or shave their heads and have a topknot. The pants are mostly short, knee long, indigo trousers. The women mostly wear blue shirts and indigo skirts or trousers. During festivals silver necklaces and colourful headwear are worn.

Especially in spring, the Dong minority celebrates several festivals and if you would like to visit this lively minority, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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